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Cameron Carbone is a professional touring/studio drummer, certified personal trainer, and a world-class educator from Dallas, TX. Since receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Texas Christian University, Cameron has relocated to Austin, TX, where he has developed and implemented comprehensive percussion/drum set curriculums at many schools and studios

around the state.

While doing so, he has taught for over 11,000 total hours to 500+ students, has toured internationally/nationally with several performing artists, has performed on numerous records, and is the current Music Director at a church in Marble Falls, TX. In addition, his new band Altermind (for fans of Animals As Leaders) has amassed over 500,000 total streams/views since March 2021. With over 50,000 collective followers/subscribers on varying social media outlets, he holds his video quality and constant stream of free educational content to the highest of standards and is working relentlessly to be known as one of the greats in the field of

education and drum set performance.

When you don't find Cameron teaching, practicing, or performing, you can catch him writing music with Altermind (@altermind),

playing with his pup, or supporting his Dallas Cowboys/Mavericks. 

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